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Get The Katniss Braid!: Hunger Games Countdown

It’s finally here! This Friday, The Hunger Games a.k.a worlds-greatest-movie-ever, is hitting theaters. In honor of our favorite YA-lit trilogy, and the release of the much-anticipated first film, we present you with a week of Panem-inspired posts. Today: how to get Katniss’ signature badass braid.

Despite the fact that Katniss, the heroine of The Hunger Games, is dealt a pretty terrible hand in life (poverty, starvation, fighting other children to the death), every girl who reads the book wants to be her. Or, should we say, every girl wants to be able to kick butt the way she does. Katniss is a survivor! While most of us will never be able to wield a bow and arrow quite like she does, or be as selfless as she is (offering herself up as tribute in Prim’s place? What a martyr!), we can all replicate one facet of Katniss: her killer braid. 

Click through to find out how to get the style!

While it looks a little complicated at first, the braid is actually fairly simple: it’s a reverse French. To start, section off three strands on the left side of the back of your head. Take one of the outside strands—let’s start with the left—and place it underneath the middle strand. Next, take the right outside strand and place it under the middle strand. (It’s very important that you place the pieces underneath the middle section and not over; if you go over, that’s a standard French braid.)

Now, continue taking the outside sections and weaving them under the middle, each time picking up more hair as you go to create that reverse French braid look. Weave the braid over to your right shoulder and once you get to the nape of your neck, just finish braiding your hair and secure with a hair tie (or a colorful Twistband). It’s that simple! Can you guess what hairstyle our staff will be wearing to the Friday night viewing of the movie?  


In case you’re curious, we’ll really be getting into character for the premiere by wearing these Capitol Colors on our nails

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