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Our Must-Read Moments from the Book: Hunger Games Countdown

It’s finally here! This Friday, The Hunger Games a.k.a worlds-greatest-movie-ever is hitting theaters. In honor of our favorite YA-lit trilogy, and the release of the much-anticipated first film, we present you with a week of Panem-inspired posts. Today: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! We’re recounting moments that made us tear up or cheer from the paperback version. 


Everyone remembers their experience reading The Hunger Games, primarily because no one ever really sleeps for the 36-48 hours that they’re consuming all the text. We were no different. Scenes from the book are seared into our memory, and we just had to relive them again by sharing with you. Herewith, a few of our very favorite tear-jerker, laugh-inducing, heartbreaking moments from Suzanne Collins’ first book of the series: 

  • Haymitch’s less than graceful, very drunken fall off the stage at the reaping ceremony, just after Katniss has volunteered as tribute to save Prim. No one does drunkard quite as well as Haymitch. We can’t wait to see what the Woody Harrelson fall looks like.
  • The story of Peeta intentionally burning bread in his parents’ bakery (for which he received a serious smack across the face), and then giving those two blackened loaves to Katniss to save her and her family from starvation. 
  • Katniss’ hilarious experience getting groomed by her stylists in the Remake Center. “My prep team have addressed some obvious problems. This has included scrubbing down my body with a gritty foam that has removed not only dirt but at least three layers of skin, turning my nails into uniform shapes, and primarily, ridding my body of hair.” Ah, yes. Exfoliation, manicures, and waxing—we so feel your pain, Katniss.

  • Katniss’ wreath of flowers for Rue, and the silent, three-fingered salute she gives to the tiny District 11 tribute just before the Hovercraft comes to collect her from the Games.

  • We’ll admit it. We’re total suckers for the entire cave scene with Katniss and Peeta. It’s too touching, and admittedly romantic, for us not to be semi-sucked in. The kiss! Oh man, the kiss.
  • Katniss and Peeta’s final moment in the Games, sticking it to the Capitol, when they simultaneously place nightlock berries in their mouths. 

What are your favorite moments from the book? Tell us in the comments! 


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