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Skincare Products We Can’t Live Without: Guest Blogger

The dynamic duo behind Beauty Bender, Kathryn Romeyn and Alexis Johnson, have an impeccable eye for deciphering up-and-coming cosmetics trends and finding experts to give the lowdown on how to wear them. (It must be the decade’s worth of magazine curating experience they have between them.) We can’t get enough of their gorgeous site, and happily, for a whole week they’re sharing all of their beauty insight on our blog!

If there’s one thing we both agree we’d never want to be deprived of, it would be our Clarisonic brushes. Life-changing. Luckily, as beauty editors, we don’t have to whittle it down to just one routine-altering device or product. Here, we pay tribute to a select few truly genius skincare formulas we just wouldn’t look the same without.

Le Mieux Vita-C Serum
I love this incredibly potent serum, which is super hydrating and brightening thanks to maximum-strength vitamin C. My obsession stems from the fact that unlike most products, the main ingredient isn’t water, it’s this is hyaluronic acid, which quenches and plumps my always-thirsty skin. –KR 

Elastiderm Eye Treatment Cream by Obagi Medical
Eye cream in general is one of my skincare obsessions. I can’t seem to get enough of it. This eye treatment by Dr. Obagi is a rich—but lightweight—cream that moisturizes while absorbing quickly, leaving your skin plump, but not greasy. –AJ 

Murad Clarifying Mask
I use masks regularly, switching between various brands, but I always come back to this clay-based Clarifying Mask. It targets blemish-causing dirt located deep down in the pores and it leaves my face feeling refreshed and detoxified. –AJ

Arcona Triad Pads
The time I spend applying tons of hydrating anti-aging products every morning makes it pathetic that I can’t commit to basic makeup removal every night. Arcona’s cranberry and rice milk pads are my saving grace. They’re my last-ditch effort to improve my nighttime non-routine since they remove makeup, cleanse, tone, and hydrate. –KR

Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift
This product just debuted, but already it seems indispensable. Mimicking Somerville’s DermaQuench facial, the foamy spray dispenses teeny particles of hyaluronic acid and oxygen into the skin. It makes me feel instantly radiant and hydrated, like wrinkles will never set in, and even helps reduce blemishes since oxygen acts as an antibacterial. Genius! –KR

Skinceuticals’ C E Ferulic Treatment
This highly potent, antioxidant-infused serum protects against photo-aging, builds collagen, and neutralizes free radicals. I mix literally just a drop or two into my daily moisturizer (also Skinceuticals) before applying, otherwise the deep yellow-brown liquid can turn your skin a little orangey-yellow. –AJ

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