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Can You Handle It?: Celebrity Close-ups

Here’s our fun Friday find: We just learned about, a fascinating tumblr that gives an unadulterated, extra-personal look at Hollywood’s biggest stars. Everyone from Modern Family's Sofia Vergara, to Mila Kunis, to Ashton Kutcher, are featured in photos that give an uncomfortably close look at minute facial details. 

It’s the first site that’s focused on super-duper-close-ups, and we’re a teeny bit obsessed. Anne Hathaway? Her gorgeous smile is every bit as pearly from just a few inches away. Emma Watson? She has flawless skin and wears barely any foundation. Uma Thurman? The camera unfortunately caught her after an application of overly-white powder. We’ve lost too many minutes to count looking at these photos, and we totally recommend browsing around if you have some time to kill. 


Not sure how to prep your skin for a night of potentially uncomfortable close-ups like these? Here’s our guide to getting foundation just right for any situation.

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