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Pick The Right Shadow For Your Eye Color: Guest Blogger

Freelance makeup artist Jennifer Duvall has kept us entranced with her blog for months. The Georgia blogger is the ultimate multi-tasker as both a makeup guru and a mommy of three! We love her great how-to advice and awesome product reviews, which is why we’re so excited that this week, she’s graciously sharing her style secrets with us.


When it comes to finding the perfect and least intimidating eye shadow color for every skin tone, the overwhelming answer would have to be my best friend: brown.

Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to pull off a brown shadow than a lime green shade, but that doesn’t mean that brown has to be boring. 

I know telling you to pick out a brown hue is like asking you to pick out a great neutral khaki color from an endless Sherwin-Williams paint fan. It’s difficult to make heads or tails of all the options out there, and choosing the perfect shade can get overwhelming.

To help out with any confusion, there are certain undertones in a brown liner or shadow that complement every eye color.

Here’s a cheat sheet:

Green/Hazel Eyes- Look for browns with a hint of yellow, such as caramel or yellow gold, to bring out your eyes’ warmth. Or, you can go to the opposite end of the spectrum with a plum-based brown if you’re feeling adventurous.

Blue Eyes - If your peepers mimic the color of the bluest ocean, check out browns on the softer side with a champagne or sandy base. For a smokier effect, go with a taupe-like brown and a hint of lilac or lavender. 

Brown Eyes - If you have dark chocolate eyes, you’re in luck, you can wear almost any shade of brown. To make the most impact though, choose browns on the darker side that are rich in color with charcoal, graphite, or sable undertones, so as not to get too matchy matchy with your eyes. 

Which brown eye shadow does it for you?

To spice up a basic brown, we love pairing it with exciting color combinations, like the ones in this palette by theBalm.

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