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Fake A Beach Tan with this 2-Second Bronzer Trick

Photo: Allure

Just because I’m deathly afraid of the sun doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a healthy glow. Since I don’t tan for real, I rely on sunless tanner all summer long to keep me looking bronzed (and from frightening anyone with my pallor while in a two-piece). But honestly, in the winter, I just can’t be bothered to slather on tanner from head to toe—mainly because it’s a lot of effort when the only skin I bear from November to March is my face and hands.

That’s why during the colder months I swap out my blush for a bronzer, to get that sun-kissed glow. Instead of just highlighting my cheek bones like I do with my blush, I make my bronzer go the distance by drawing a large 3-shape on either side of my face. To try this trick yourself, start with your bronzing brush at your temple, trace down to the apple of your cheek, and then back out along your jawline. The result is a remarkable look, and if done properly, you’ll have everyone asking what beach vacation you just returned from.


Another great bronzer we love? Laura Geller’s Bronze and Brighten.

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