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3 Towelettes You Should Never Travel Without

I do a fair amount of traveling on the weekends. Not to exotic places, but nonetheless, I make frequent trips up to Boston, or home to Chicago, or down to see friends in D.C. But no matter where I go, I never leave home without packing my cosmetic bag full of wipes. These ultra-portable towelettes magically improve my travel routine by leaps and bounds. How so? They’re far more convenient than their full size counterparts, they minimize bulk, and they’re completely spill-proof. Here, the three wipes I always have in my carry-on.

1) La Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

The weekends are usually my chance to freshen up my polish, but when I’m traveling, I can never find the time to get a manicure. To avoid seriously gross chipping, I always pack La Fresh’s Acetone-Free removing wipes. The alternative to toting these is buying a whole bottle of remover plus an entire bag of cotton balls on site—so you can see why they’re such a no brainer. In fact, I so prefer using saturated towelettes to remove my polish, I’ve had to stop myself from utilizing them at home to save them for the road.

2) Dr. Dennis Gross’ Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel

I have unusually dry skin (yes, I drink plenty of water and have a great moisturizer), so going away without an exfoliator in tow is simply not an option. Granular scrubs are great, but nothing, I repeat nothing, sloughs off dead skin like this miracle peel. That may sound a tad frightening, but the results are far from it: you end up with glowing, refreshed skin without any dryness or unevenness. The 10 Pack conveniently comes in handy-dandy single-use sets and I keep my 30 pack containers stashed safely in my medicine cabinet.

3) Supergoop! Sunscreen Swipe SPF 30+

I am a total nut about sunscreen. Fair skin and blonde hair gave me an early disposition to scary sunburns, so I live in fear of direct UV exposure. As such, I pick my SPF carefully. While I always have a full bottle with me when sitting poolside or on the beach, I hate carrying around several ounces of sunblock when I’m out and about. The solution? Supergoop!’s Sunscreen Swipes. Great for stashing in your purse, especially if you’re doing any sightseeing, you can pull one of these out while sitting at an outdoor cafe or even as you walk. It doesn’t get any easier to practice safe sun than that.


Another great travel-friendly product? These La Fresh Makeup Remover wipes!

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