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How to Prevent and Treat Cystic Acne: Guest Blogger

We spend inordinate amounts of time obsessing over our skin. But we’re always in need of some more expert help. This week, we’re lucky enough to have Dermalogica’s director of global education, Annet King, on hand to explain all things skin to usand to relay her great tips to you.


Question: How can you prevent and treat cystic acne?

Answer: First, it’s important to know you can’t truly prevent cystic acne. It’s a genetic predisposition and needs to be treated with oral or topical medication prescribed by a dermatologist to truly see improvements.

However, medical treatment is most effective when combined with the work of a skin therapist and home-care products. Comedones can be removed, which helps to prevent the development of papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. Breakouts can be treated with concentrated serums and electrical modalities (a.k.a. electrical stimulation omitted by a machine) to kill bacteria and expedite healing. Skin treatments are also highly beneficial as they help counter the side effects of the prescribed drug by hydrating, calming and soothing skin.  

For more tips on handling acne, read our guide for preventing and treating it here.

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