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Helmet Hair and Dolly Makeup at Oscar de la Renta

Show: Oscar de la Renta

Hair: Orlando Pita

Makeup: Gucci Westman, Revlon

Nails: Yuna Park using Oscar de la Renta polish

The Vibe: A daughter going to town in her mom’s Park Avenue closet. “It’s a little bit of a young girl playing dress up,” said Revlon’s global artistic director, Gucci Westman, of the look. “She’s just kind of having fun.” Certainly, the makeup conveyed whimsy, with doll-like rosy cheeks thanks to Revlon’s PhotoReady Cream Blush in Flushed (due out in May), and spidery lashes. “The mascara isn’t super perfect,” said Westman of the effect. “It’s a little clumpy and more of a cool girl look, but I like it. It’s nice to see mascara for once that’s not just pretty.”

Bohemian glamor extended to the hair as well, with famed stylist Orlando Pita at the helm. “It’s kind of loose and airy,” said Pita of the voluminous and slightly undone bobs. “Very whimsical.” To achieve these pretty poofs, that were adorned with ribbons, tiaras and sparkly headbands, Pita and his team backcombed the hair and applied lots of Orlando Pita Control Hairspray. Once hair was sufficiently teased, it was divided vertically into two equal parts. Next, the ends of the two sections were rolled under and pinned to the back of the hair ribbon. Finally, the middle was brought together with a brush and a few pieces of hair pulled down.

Aside from the hair and makeup, there was another important detail that caught our attention yesterday: the debut of Oscar de la Renta’s forthcoming nail polish collection! Models’ hands were painted by Yuna Park in three of the upcoming shades: Red Carnation, Aubergine, and Larimar. “I’ve been doing his show for many seasons now,” said Park. “Usually, I have to come up with nail colors along with the stylist, so I think it’s very smart of him to come up with the exact colors he wants.”


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