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Let’s Get Social! Instagram 101

In honor of Social Media Week, we’re covering some of our favorite social sites on our blog. Yesterday we gave you the 411 on Pinterest and how you can use it to support your blog and YouTube channel. Next up: Instagram!

Instagram is truly a beauty junkie’s best friend. This nifty little app allows you to shoot, edit, and share pictures instantly. We are constantly snapping pics of our favorite products and looks and adding Instagram filters to make them look even cooler. It’s also a great way to discover what other beauty gurus are playing with! Not using it yet? Here’s what you need to know.

Step 1: Download Instagram to your iPhone
We’ll come right out and say it: currently you can only use Instagram on an iPhone. Word on the street is that it’s coming to Android any day now. 

Step 2: Create a username and profile picture
The best part of Instagram is that it’s quick. No complicated profiles or information to fill out. The first time you log in, you’ll be asked to create a username and profile picture. Instagram will let you take a photo to upload as your profie pic or let you choose from your library. We suggest taking a new picture and using this as your first foray into the wonderful world of Instagram filters.

TIP! If you are a Twitter user try to get the same username on Instagram. It will make it easier for your friends to tag you in posts on Instagram as well as in tweets.

Step 3: Point, Click, Shoot, Filter, Share
So here’s where it gets good. Once you have a login, you simply open the app, take a picture, choose a filter, write a caption, and voila! You are now artsy and chic and everyone who follows you on Instagram and/or Twitter will know it! You can also open the app, click “share,” and upload a previously taken photo into Instagram. From there the process is the same: choose a filter, caption, and share.

TIP! With each Instagram you take the app will ask you if you want to Tweet it. If you do, the text of the Tweet will come from the image’s caption. You can also tag other Instagram users in your image captions using the @ just like with Twitter. 

Step 4: Find and Follow Other Users
In addition to sharing your own pics, you can find and follow friends (or strangers) and ‘like’ or comment on their photos. Some suggested users to follow:

Birchbox (of course)





Just can’t get enough social media? Join us Friday at 9am EST for our Social Media Week panel, ‘Picture This: How Brands Are Using Image-Based Services’. The panel is currently at capacity but we’ll be live tweeting the event with the hashtag #SMWpicturethis.

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