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Gucci Westman Used Three Different Liners for Rag & Bone Look

Show: rag & bone

Hair: Guido, Redken

Makeup: Gucci Westman, Revlon

The Vibe: Rock ‘n’ Roll traveler. “The look is as if Patti Smith lived in India,” said Gucci Westman, Revlon’s global artistic director. “I wanted the skin to be really porcelain-y and the eyes to be sort of rough.” To give the complexion a cooler effect, Westman layered primers, a little bit of white foundation, and some luminizers. But the emphasis was really all on the eyes. “I am doing different textures of eyeliner and only on the bottom,” said Westman who used not one, not two, but three different black Revlon liners: the Crème Gel Liner, the Luxurious Color Eye Liner, and the Liquid Liner.

To really hammer home the feeling of a rock star on the road, Guido of Redken gave the hair a distinctly tousled feel. “We’re making the hair look a little bit more dread-y,” he said. To achieve all that texture, Redken’s Full Frame Mousse was applied to damp hair, then hair was parted down the middle and blow-dried. For a sufficiently clumpy and matte look, hair was finished off with Redken’s Rough Paste.


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