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Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture Tint: How To Pick Your Shade


I have discovered a ton of exceptional products since I started working at Birchbox, but there are only a handful that I classify as totally life-changing. One such product: Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture Tint (known as LMT around the office). I don’t go a day without slathering it on my face (it has SPF 20!), even though I regularly skip other fundamentals like mascara and blush.

What makes this tinted moisturizer stand out from the rest? The hydrating formula contains tiny light-reflecting particles that are too small to see with the naked eye, but that give your complexion a visibly radiant finish.

Sold? I thought so. Now you just have to find the right shade. Click through to review our cheat sheet.

Pearl: If you have ever described yourself as pale, or if anyone else has, this is your shade. It has warm undertones, so don’t be afraid: you’ll look healthier, not fairer.

Glow: This is the trickiest hue, in our opinion. It has more orangey-red undertones and works best for medium complexions.

Golden: The perfect middle-range hue, this shade has yellow undertones but it isn’t too orange. It’s great for medium to light complexions, so we think it’s actually the next step after Pearl.

Bronzed: If you fall into the medium to tan complexion category, this is the shade for you. It has honey undertones that will help you look sun-kissed year-round.

Deep Bronze: This is darkest hue in the line and meant for those with tan to dark complexions. It’s rich, creamy, and won’t wash you out. 


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