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Five Questions for…Isabella Haddad, Co-Founder of Violent Lips

Back when we were teenagers, the idea of starting our own cosmetics company would never have crossed our minds. Not so with Isabella Haddad. The fifteen-year-old co-founder of Violent Lips, the celeb-endorsed line of temporary lip tattoos, balances school, her entrepreneurial endeavors, and generally being awesome at life. Click through to learn how Isabella was inspired to start her company, the best way to wear lip tattoos, and more!

·      How did you get the idea for Violent Lips?

I started the company with my younger sister Sophia, who’s ten. My mom brought home some Chanel temporary skin tattoos one night, and Sophia and I got the idea to put them on our lips. We wore them to a charity event, and everyone was staring at us and asking us how we got our lips to look like that. That’s when we were inspired to make lip tattoos, and we asked our dad to help. The three of us spent one long year figuring out how to make lip tattoos work before launching our company.

·      What’s it like to head up a company at such a young age?
I definitely miss school more than I should, but I try to keep a balance. I’m really lucky because all my friends are so supportive. We have Violent Lips sleepovers where we take pictures of ourselves wearing the tattoos and post them on Facebook to promote the brand. And my friends were so excited when they saw the Kardashians and Keyshia Cole wearing Violent Lips!
·      What are your best insider tips for applying Violent Lips?
Start with a clean lip, no lipstick or gloss. When you’re applying the tattoos, make sure to use a lot of water to help them stick. Afterwards, layer on a gloss like COVERGIRL’s Wetslicks or a balm like Chapstick or Blistex to make sure your lips don’t dry out.

·         Where and when have you worn your temporary lip tattoos?
I’ve worn them to parties and on every single holiday. On New Year’s, I wore our Glitterati tattoo. And they’re also great for Halloween and birthdays. We’re all about having fun—we never want to be plain or one-dimensional.

·      What’s your favorite lip tattoo design?
Right now, I’m loving the Leopard since leopard print is a big trend here in L.A. I’ll wear leopard print shoes and carry around a leopard purse while wearing a lip tattoo. I like to match my makeup to my clothing and accessories. 


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