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Nicki Minaj Feels Naked Without Falsies: Notable Quotables

Notable Quotables is a weekly series featuring a great quote. Whether it’s the founder of a beloved beauty brand, an eccentric makeup artist making headlines, or even a super-stylish celebrity, our favorite tastemakers always have something worth sharing. Today’s quote is from Nicki Minaj, who spoke with Elle about her wigs, eccentric makeup, favorite products and more.

My eyes, because they’re the one thing I need my makeup artist to do. I don’t have the patience, my hands shake, and I mess everything up. So my makeup artist has to do my brows and lids and lashes. Everyone knows I’m a lash girl by now. When I don’t have my lashes, I feel naked.

—Nicki Minaj to Elle regarding the most high maintenance part of her beauty routine.

Even if you’re not a makeup nut like Nicki, a colorful liner from stila will give you a fresh new look.

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