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Sh*t People Say May Be Over, But Here’s Our Top 3

When the first "Sh*t Girls Say" video showed up in our Twitter feed, we couldn’t help but laugh. It may as well have been titled “Overhead at Birchbox HQ.” 

- What’s wrong with my computer?

- I had to get up at, like, six this morning.

- Can you do me a huge favor?

But then the trend took off: “Sh*t New Yorkers Say,” “Sh*t Hipsters Say,” “Sh*t Vegans Say.” We could hardly keep up!

After watching waaay too many of these videos, we picked the three that, for better or worse, reflect us the best: 

Sh*t Silicon Valley Says

Sh*t Oscar PRGirl Says

Sh*t Girls Say

For videos of actual Birchbox staffers, check out :) 


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