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How Can You Get a Yoga High Without Going to Class?

You may have noticed that Birchbox has a yoga-loving culture. After a long, stressful day there’s nothing better than getting your Zen on. It’s no surprise, then, that so many staffers love spritzing Harvey Prince’s Yogini, the fragrance equivalent to a yoga class. (Fun fact: Harvey Prince designed the mood-elevating blend of exotic essences and oils to counteract stress.) We asked Birchbox’s four biggest yoga gurus to tell us why they love the practice so much—and their thoughts on Yogini.

Mollie: “I didn’t appreciate yoga until I moved to New York, but then I found that it helped me stop my mind from running nonstop! I associate it with scents like jasmine and amber, which are base notes in this fragrance, because they’re both a tiny bit sweet but mostly rich and layered.”

Deena: “Yoga always makes me feel mentally clear and light. The clean, citrus smell of grapefruit that I get when I spray Yogini always reminds me of that feeling when I can’t make it to class.”

Jess: “After yoga, I feel invigorated, but it also gives me a sense of calm. I love the scent of star jasmine in this scent because it has this intoxicatingly exotic yet sweet smell.”

Eric: “After a yoga class, I always feel grounded, balanced and energized. Sandalwood is a strong base note for the fragrance with a rich woodsy feel but also a fresh edge. I think this sums up my post-yoga high quite perfectly: feet planted firmly on the ground with enough energy and bite to go conquer the world!”


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