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Community Spotlight: Cheli Cuevas

We discovered Cheli when we came across her Flickr collection of all of her Birchboxes! We loved how pretty they looked all together so we tracked her down and got the skinny on this fab photog!

Name: Cheli Cuevas

Hometown: East Los Angeles

Blog: aka “The Girl in Pink! blog.”

Twitter Handle: @girlinpinkblog

How long have you been a Birchbox subscriber? I have been subscribing to Birchbox since February of 2011. I got it as a March birthday gift to myself. It’s the birthday gift that keeps on giving.

What’s your favorite product you’ve ever received in a Birchbox? This is a hard question, especially because I am in love with all my products from January 2012. If I had to choose an all time favorite though, I would say my Pangea Organics Lip Balm. It is the most amazing lip balm ever! This balm is so soft and moisturizing. It smells delicious AND it is kind to our environment.

What made you decide to start photographing all of your Birchboxes? At first I started photographing my Birchboxes because I wanted to post a few pictures in my blog to go along with any Birchbox-related entry in my blog. Instead of just taking one snap each month I started taking multiple ones; in different angles, featuring different products, placing the products in different lay outs, inside the box, outside the box, this way and that… It became a thing. Now it’s not just about the blog but also about the Flickr set. I guess taking pictures of the box is just as important and exciting and fun to me as opening the box.

Anything else you’d like the rest of the Birchbox community to know? Receiving my Birchbox is simply amazing. Not only is it a nice little gift in the mail, which I love, but it helps me indulge my many little hobbies. I get to try new beauty products every month, I get to blog about them, and now I get to add to my Flickr too. I would say that is pretty sweet for $10.


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