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How Young is Too Young to Learn About Makeup?


A school in England has started a serious debate with parents and on the internet: how early is too early to be teaching girls about makeup?

Mount St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Leeds recently launched a series of hour-long makeup lessons aimed at its 14- and 15-year-old students. The classes, taught by a professional makeup artist, are meant to help boost the girls self-confidence, show them how to make a good first impression and teach them appropriate beauty looks for a variety of social occasions. It’s not hard to see why these courses have caused a bit of an uproar.

Many parents in the community are angrily claiming that the school is teaching beauty practices to students who are too young. One parent even told the Telegraph, “It’s totally inappropriate. Advising on make-up is something that should be done by parents at home, not a school.”

When I was in high school, my mom had one very serious rule about makeup: don’t wear any. Her reasoning was that the power of youth was on my side, therefore my skin (minus breakouts), lips, and eyes would be at their very best. Why hide “greatness” beneath layers of powder and lipgloss? I disagreed with her at the time, but I definitely agree with her now. Adolescent ladies, trust me, you have some of the prettiest features out there! There’s little that you have to do to make your bright eyes or pretty puckers stand out.

What do you think? Is 14 too young to be learning about all things beauty? And, perhaps an even better question, should schools be teaching their students about makeup?


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