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Move over, Vajazzling. Now You Can Sport Feathers Down There.


Not so long ago, Completely Bare introduced us to an innovative grooming practice — vajazzling. Well, now they’re breaking boundaries and tapping into fashion trends once again. The hair removal specialists have announced two new services that include gluing fox fur or feathers. Yes, this is real. Click through to see the looks!


Foxy bikini services allow you to add fur for $140, while Carnivale bikini services give you a multi-colored nether parts makeover for a bargain-price of $110. Be forewarned, though, both styles of decoration only last for three days, which sounds incredibly short for the investment to us. We’re all for being adventurous and experimental, truly. But somehow this seems:

1. Wildly uncomfortable (what clothing does one wear when there are protruding feathers coming from the pelvic region? A long dress?)


2. Like something that would repel a lover, not entice one.

Would you try out this new, err, style? Or are you in the same boat as us, and a little terrified? Tell us in the comments!


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