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Photoshop Scandal 3.0: Was Beyoncé’s Skin Lightened in this Ad?


Beyoncé’s new ad promoting her album “4” has added more fuel to the Photoshop fire (for reference, see here, here and here). The singer, decked in a crocheted bikini and rolled World War II-style hair, appears to have digitally lightened skin to make her look more porcelain.

The blogosphere and even news sites like MSNBC and the Huffington Post have taken to the boards to discuss the ad. Styleite suggested that it’s possible the photographer positioned the lighting too close to Knowles’s body during the shoot, washing out her upper half. But even if you account for extra-bright strobes, and some seriously tinted foundation, it’s hard to deny that the singer looks far fairer than normal. We barely recognized her when we saw the image ourselves.

This is the second time that the chanteuse has been caught in the middle of a similar scandal. In 2008, L’Oreal was accused of digitally lighetening Knowles’s skin in a Feria hair color ad that was featured in Elle, Allure and Essence.

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