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You Should Move to Raleigh, North Carolina. Right Now.


According to a survey conducted by Women’s Health magazine, Raleigh, North Carolina is home to America’s healthiest and happiest women.

After comparing statistics in 30 categories including commuting time, availability of fresh fruit and vegetables, ratio of single men and obesity rates, the magazine determined that across the board, North Carolina’s capitol has the country’s fittest and happiest ladies. In particular, the city deserves major kudos for its prevention numbers—90 percent of women get their pap smears on time and 81 percent of women over 40 get their mammograms on time. Those statistics floored me since the first thing that goes out the window when I’m busy is anything that has to do with screening or prevention.

In second place for fittest community is San Jose, California and in third place was Madison, Wisconsin. (New York City, Birchbox’s home, falls at a less-than-stellar 48th place. Hmm…)

Cheers to you, ladies of Raleigh! I’ll be putting a visit to North Carolina on my calendar soon so I can steal all of your super healthy tricks.

Where does your city fall on the Women’s Health list?


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