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Rice Starch: Ingredient Decoder

While most people identify themselves as omnivores or herbivores, I consider myself a rice-atarian. Growing up in a Chinese household, I ate rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and my diet hasn’t changed much now that I’m an adult. But I had no idea that the main grain in my life could also be good for my skin until I started doing a little research. It turns out that legions of Asian women have been using homemade rice powder as a beauty treatment for centuries. Nowadays, things have gotten a bit more refined, but the basic skin benefits of rice remain the same. Click through to learn how rice can change your skin!

Rice starch, which is the powdery substance that surrounds individual grains, is a hero ingredient in many modern beauty products. Rice starch has a naturally sticky texture that binds with dead surface skin cells and dirt, the two things you don’t want clogging up your face. Better still, it’s also an emollient (a fancy word for moisturizer), which means that it softens skin and cures dryness by leaving a protective film behind. When you use it regularly, rice starch will help reduce the look of fine lines and other signs of sun damage while brightening your complexion. 

Perhaps my favorite rice-based product is Origin’s Modern Friction™ Exfoliator. Origins calls it a viable natural alternative to clinical microdermabrasion, and I couldn’t agree more. Instead of exfoliating with harsh chemicals or crystals, which can feel like they’re scraping a layer of skin off your face, Origins’ scrub is instead heavy in rice starch. Use it two to three times a week over dry skin (if you’re particularly sensitive, apply to damp skin) and say goodbye to dry flakiness for good. 


Pair your rice starch exfoliator with other Origins products to create a complete skincare regimen.

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