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3 Easy Steps To Concealing Dark Circles

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Blame it on the fact that I live in the city that never sleeps, but it seems like catching eight hours of rest will always remain an elusive goal for me. I’m constantly battling a chronic case of under eye circles, and I know I’m not alone. Women cite lack of sleep as the number one cause behind looking fatigued, but to some extent dark circles are also in our genes. As you age, the delicate skin beneath your eyes thins out, exposing the trapped blood vessels underneath. Luckily, you don’t have to show your dark circles to the world. Just follow these three easy steps to looking bright-eyed and well-rested 24/7!

Step 1: Fight Puffiness

In the morning, apply a de-puffing eye cream for an instant tightening effect. We currently alternate between two stellar formulas: Origin’s GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream, which has a dose of caffeine to perk up our eyes, and VMV Hypoallergenics’ Re-Everything Eye Serum, which has a nifty “vasoactive” to stimulate blood flow.

Step 2: Brighten

Dab on a color-correcting eye primer. Look for one with peach or pink tones to camouflage your blue-black circles. Benefit’s Ooh La Lift is our longtime standby.

Step 3: Conceal

Now for the most important part. Dab a few dots of concealer beneath your eyes and blend. Look for one that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone, this will help your eyes look illuminated. We’re madly in love with Miracle Skin Transformer’s Treat & Conceal Eye & Face. Not only is it ultra-creamy and pigmented, it’s also packed with marine collagen, vitamins, and ceramides to permanently fade our dark circles. 


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