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Garnier Launching the First Drugstore BB Cream in the U.S.

Ever since style expert Jenn Falik introduced us to BB Cream last year, we’ve been holding our breath waiting for the multi-tasking skin cream to hit it big in the U.S. Beauty Balm, also known as Blemish Balm, originated in Germany in the ’50s as a dermatologist treatment, but has been extremely popular in Asia, particularly Korea, for several years and more recently in Europe and Australia. 

BB Creams are popular because they combine skincare benefits like SPF protection and fine line minimization with tinted moisturizer-like coverage. High-end brands, like our favorite Dr.Jart+, started popping up stateside last spring, but the launch of Garnier’s version in February will be the first time this type of product will be available in American drugstores. 

One problem BB Creams could run into here is the limited range of colors they traditionally come in. While offering one or two shades, light and medium, may work in Asia, that’s pretty restrictive as far as the U.S. consumer is concerned. And Garnier’s version is no different, coming in only two shades: Light/Medium and Medium/Deep. Since the creams are designed to blend into and match multiple skin tones, these shades could work for most women, but we’ll need to try it out to be sure. Either way, we’re excited to finally see BB Cream go mainstream. 

BB Cream

— Lorelei

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