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Your New Favorite Snacks: Well-Balanced

You wouldn’t know it from how much we talk about cookies, but Birchbox staffers are a pretty healthy bunch. We love our veggies and mind-clearing workouts, and are always up to try the latest fitness class or nutrition bar. Our weekly column, Well-Balanced, is dedicated to our latest wellness obsessions—they might become yours, too.

I consider myself a healthy snack aficionado. I didn’t used to be this discerning—a few years ago, I’d just throw any old granola bar in my bag, even if it was loaded with high fructose corn syrup and soy protein isolates (wha?). Nowadays, I’m much pickier. I go for products that are minimally processed and have all natural, real ingredients. 

Needless to say, when it came to picking our January lifestyle extra, I was very interested in taste-testing helping out. Click through for more about the delicious treats we’re sampling this month.

LARABARS: I’m a huge fan of LARABAR because all of their bars are made from dried fruits, nuts, and spices—and that’s it. That doesn’t mean they’re boring though. Cashew Cookie is buttery and decadent; Carrot Cake is spicy and delicious; and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough could almost stand in for dessert. 

wichcraft Granola: There was a period when I was going to ‘wichcraft, chef Tom Colicchio’s stylish cafe, every single day for lunch. I was obsessed with this overstuffed avocado/goat cheese/watercress sandwich that was messy and rich and a-mazing. Since we couldn’t put that sandwich in a Birchbox, we chose the next best thing: their toasty, nutty granola, which is excellent on yogurt or all by itself.

Who’s ready for a snack?


Find out more about the January Birchbox here!

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