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Virgin Coconut Oil Works Wonders On Dry, Damaged Hair: Hairistocracy

We’re guilty of sticking with the same hair cut for years — if it’s not broke, why fix it? — but that can be a little boring. But not everyone has our issue. Paulina, one of our amazing operations associates, is always eyeing new cuts and styles. She’ll be sharing her tress inspiration and tips every other week in Hairistocracy. Her latest hair obsession: virgin coconut oil!


Months ago, my best friend told me to get my hands on some virgin coconut oil from Wholefoods. She’s been coloring her hair for years and swears that applying this natural remedy to strands overnight restores her dye-damaged hair back to the softness she has as a little girl.

I’ve been looking for a major moisture boost ever since I colored my hair for the first time a couple weeks ago. My virgin hair had been bouncy and shiny and I have not enjoyed my new dry and brittle texture. So I took my friend’s advice and popped for some virgin coconut oil and all I can say is wow. She was right. If your hair is feeling a little (or a lot!) on the parched side, follow these s simple directions once a month and reap the benefits of added moisture, protection from breakage, and possibly even hair growth!

At nighttime before bed, grab your jar of virgin coconut oil, a glass cup, a teaspoon measure, a comb, and a shower cap.

1. If your hair is long, take a teaspoon of the oil and gently heat it in a cup by placing it in hot water until the oil melts completely into liquid (at about 70 degrees F). If your hair is on the shorter side, reduce the measure to half a teaspoon. A little goes a long way!

2. Once melted, scoop the oil out with your fingers and work it through your hair. Start at the roots and move down through the ends, making sure to massage your scalp as you work the oil through.

3. Once the oil is distributed, take a comb and brush the oil throughout your hair to ensure that your entire head is covered.

4. Pull your hair back with a hair tie and cover with a plastic shower cap. Leave the treatment in overnight and washout with your normal shampoo and conditioner in the morning.

Do you have any natural hair remedies that we should know about? Share with us in the comments!


When we’re in a rush and need a quick hair pick-me-up, we use Oscar Blandi’s glossing cream to get some extra shine.

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