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4 Easy Everyday Makeup Tips From Blushington’s Pros

Ever since Lorelei blogged about Los Angeles’ newly opened Blushington, I’ve been wanting to check it out myself. I stopped by the beauty mecca yesterday and left with a slew of pro tips.

The sunlit boutique is comfortable and stylish, with 14 tricked out beauty stations, not to mention rooms for waxing, lash extensions, and tinting. While it’s tempting to go for the regular makeup application (at $35, a complete steal), it’s Blushington’s classes that sets them apart. The goal, says Founder and CEO Stephi Maron, is to change the way people think about beauty. “It’s not just about makeup,” she says. “It’s about confidence, and feeling good.” Blushington offers basic one-hour Makeup 101 sessions, where you are encouraged to bring in your own products so a pro can teach you how to use them, plus a two-hour advanced class, and a special 45-minute New Mommy makeup tutorial. 

I sat down with makeup artist Michele Des Groseillers to find out about the most frequently requested techniques, common makeup mistakes, and more. Click through to find out what I learned.

Most frequent requests: Everyone wants to know how to apply foundation and concealer, says Groseillers. “I walk them through every step of their routine, and I do one side of their face and they do the other. They learn that way.” For foundation, she likes to apply the product with a brush, which wastes less formula, and blending with a sponge.

Common mistakes: Groseillers says that people don’t always know where to put concealer. “I really like it right up against the lashline, which is where you have a lot of redness, and always on the eyelid.”

Less is more: With all products, Groseillers advises to work in sheer layers. “It’s always easier to add than subtract,” she says. This is especially true with something like bronzer, which has the potential to look fake. Her trick: Start at the hairline and blend inward, which creates a glowy effect and helps you avoid tan overload.

Simplest daytime look ever: Instead of eyeliner, try using an angle brush to softly define your lower lashline. “It gives you a bit of a drop shadow look, which is polished but not too heavy,” says Groseillers.


Now that you’ve learned tricks for putting makeup on, what about taking it off? We recommend using one of these five removers.

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