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The Next Big Beauty Hit From Asia: Daily Paper Masks

Photo: Dailymail

I’m a huge fan of face masks. Clay, liquid, peels, you name it, I’ll definitely try it. They’re the easiest way to give my skin a pick-me-up and also take a spa-like breather at the end of a long day. Today, I found out that Sephora’s going to be carrying a new American-based brand of Korean-style paper face masks starting this March. Yippee!

This new brand, Masqueology, is Southern California-based and is a collaboration between an American and Korean company. While the U.S. market is already saturated with “2-3 times a week” masks, there haven’t really been any daily use choices readily available. Masqueology wants to change that by bringing the Asian-style notion of everyday paper masks to 100 Sephoras across the country. Paper style masks are common in Korea and throughout Asia, often available at local drugstores and considered a part of your daily regimen. I first had my eyes opened to this phenomenon just a few months ago when I tried The Face Shop’s collagen mask. I fell in love with how quickly it brightened and smoothed my skin, but I got the impression that daily use wasn’t the best idea (probably conditioning from my other products). Clearly I was wrong.

These soon-to-launch single-use paper masks come in packets of three, and each carries specific ingredients that focus on individual skincare concerns. What’s better, though, is that the masks are supposed to have similar results to a facial (which can cost upwards of $100 per visit and take an hour and a half to complete), but are priced at a workable $24-$36 and only take 15-20 minutes.

Smaller retailers have carried Asian-style masks before, but this is definitely the first time it’s being introduced in such a large-scale way to the American market. It will be exciting to see whether these take off in the same way that they have in the Eastern hemisphere. Stay tuned!

— Candice

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