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Best Fitness Apps for Your Gadget: Well-Balanced

You wouldn’t know it from how much we talk about cookies, but Birchbox staffers are a pretty healthy bunch. We love our veggies and mind-clearing workouts, and are always up to try the latest fitness class or nutrition bar. Our weekly column, Well-Balanced, is dedicated to our latest wellness obsessions — they might become yours, too.

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By all accounts, this was a very techy holiday. The official stats aren’t in yet, but initial numbers show that 6.8 million mobile devices were powered up on Christmas Day. If you’re the proud owner of a new iPhone, iPad, or other shiny new toy, you’ve probably already started downloading apps. Instead of going straight for Angry Birds, try these healthy apps — you’ll get a headstart on those new year’s resolutions.

Gym Boss Interval Timer: This free app is great for interval and sprint workouts. It’s basically dummy-proof (I was able to figure it out) and allows you to save different workouts. I like the simple interface and the fact that my music can play while the timer is going. Cost: Free. iPhone-only.

MyFitnessPal: The mother of all calorie counters, MyFitnessPal is a simple way to keep a food diary or just quickly check the nutritional content of your meals. It has a streamlined design and huge database of foods (both generic, like “apple,” and specific, like “Chipotle bean burrito”). I also really like the recipe calculator, which lets you plug in ingredients and spits out the basic nutritional breakdown. Cost: Free. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows.

RunKeeper: Perfect if you like tracking your progress, this nifty app uses GPS to log the length, duration, and speed of your runs. All your workouts get saved to your account, which makes it easy to see your fitness history. You can also post your runs to Twitter or Facebook, which is useful if you have a ten miler you want to gloat about. Cost: Free or $9.99 for the Pro Version. iPhone.

BodyFate: If you turn your workout into a game, it won’t hurt, right? Mayyybe. Either way, this app, designed by star trainer Christine Hazelton, aims to make you laugh while you burn. You plug in how long and how hard you want to work for, and the app creates a program of functional movements for you (plus, cartoon explanations of what the movements are). Cost: $1.99. iPhone.


What fitness apps do you love? Tell me in the comments!

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