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Melisse Gelula Pledges To Put an End to the “Crazy Stockpile”: New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Here comes the New Year! The end of 2011 means we can start thinking about all the exciting things we want to add to our lives (new shoes!) and all the resolutions we have for the next 12 months (get more sleep!). With that in mind, we asked some of our favorite people in the industry to tell us what their beauty/health/wellness resolutions are for 2012. They gave us a peek into how they’re planning on sprucing up their routines. For today’s post, we chatted with Melisse Gelula, one of the co-founders of Well+Good, which is our favorite resource for all things health, fitness, and well-being related.

My resolutions aren’t exactly civilian beauty issues because I cover natural and organic products on Well+Good. Therefore, I have a crazy stockpile of beauty products in a closet, so my resolution might be to try more of them and move it along!

Another resolution is to make another beauty company mad at me. When I suggested that oft-recommended Cetaphil cleanser might not be doing your skin any favors, it generated a ton of great discussion about what counts as a healthy product. There are lots of other companies out there that I want to lift the veil on.

Other goals for 2012: Find a natural tinted moisturizer that I love. Make nice with cream blush. Get my freaking hair trimmed regularly. Ditto for root touch ups. Make sure to get a facial once a month (because it shows when I don’t).  Eat less dairy and sugar, which have now been proven to cause acne and inflammation. 

And, finally, next year I plan to learn how to braid or use a blow-dryer or do something other than a faux knot. Thank goodness for the messy bun, the side pony, and the fit-and-active-lifestyle excuse. If I got a hair report card, it would say: “If only she studied more.” 

Melisse Gelula, Well+Good NYC

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