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Best Celebrity Ponytails of 2011 — Vote for Your Favorite!

One of my favorite things to see on the red carpet is a really chic ponytail. Because unlike complicated chignons or intimidating side-swept updos, ponytails are beautiful in their simplicity. From tightly pulled back to messy-sexy, ponytails are easy to replicate. This past year, celebs sported plenty sassy ponies and I’ve rounded up the best. Which one is your favorte? Vote in the poll below!

Photo: Stylist

When I saw this photo of Olivia Wilde back in August at the Berlin premiere of her movie, Cowboys and Aliens, I was mesmerized. As far as I know, this is the first time a celeb has sectioned off a pony like this with elastics (for a red carpet event anyway). Given how great the look is, I don’t think it will be the last. I especially liked the sci-fi feel of the style, which was very fitting given the film’s premise.


Diana Agron couldn’t have looked any more breathtaking at this year’s Met Gala and I love how she paired her symmetrical red dress with a classic and straightforward side-parted pony. Her hair was sleek and sexy and the little bit of lift at her crown was such an elegant touch.


Could this look be any more romantic? Kristen Bell is the master of the sophisticated pony, but this long and loose take might be my favorite version that she’s ever worn. The style accentuated her strapless neckline by pulling the majority of her hair back, but a few face-framing pieces helped to keep it whimsical.


I like when Angelina switches it up. Known for wearing her hair down and pin-straight, the star went for a flirty, almost retro style at her Kung Fu Panda 2 premiere. With the volume at her crown and the parted, curled bangs, she looked supremely polished in sort of a cute, approachable, 1950s housewife way — and I totally dug it.

Photo: bellasugar

I would not be a hair roundup without Blake Lively. I’ve said this many times, and I’ll say it again, she has the best hair in Hollywood. Period. Who else could make something as overplayed as the perfectly sleek, slick pony look this fresh and covetable?

Photo: Bellasugar

For her Columbiana premiere, the actress balanced a bananas Balmain hand-beaded dress with a rather casual pony. The back of her hair was twisted before being gathered at the nape of her neck and the elastic covered with a small gold chain. Although the design was more interesting in the back, I love the front more. From face-on, it looks as if she did her hair herself, giving her appearance a very sweet and demure feel.

Photo: Glamour

Rachel Zoe has a signature look (to say the least) and I really appreciate when she deviates from it. This puffy crown braid is genius (did she get a tutorial from our co-founder, Katia?) and she really gets such fantastic dimension because her hair is wavy. I especially love the finishing touch of wrapping the elastic with a piece of hair, making this ‘do oh-so pulled together.


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