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Fancy Nails!: Guest Blogger

In the fashion world, there’s outfit envy. In the beauty world, there’s makeup envy — and we are seriously envious when it comes to Annamarie Tendler. A genius makeup artist, Tendler covers a wide range of topics on her am. blog, but her The Daily Face posts, which chronicle her day-to-day makeup looks, are our favorite. (FYI: She did an amazing series in October called The Spooky Scary Daily Face, which was epic.) Each day she inspires with a gorgeous new look, and for one whole week, she’s sharing her makeup expertise with lucky, lucky us.

Want to learn how to do this very easy manicure using only two colors and requiring just six easy steps? Click through to find out.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Paint the nail with an white, pearl, or cream polish. Two coats if you thing you need it. Try and concentrate the polish at the base of the nail bed by the cuticle.
  2.  Using the darker polish start at one lower corner of the nail bed paint a diagonal line upward to the opposite and upper corner of the nail. Do this in one pass, you’ll be surprised how straight the line will come out. (Side note: The angle of the line will determine the size of the inverted ‘V’. Meaning, a
    steeper angle (closer to 90 degrees) will make a larger ‘V’ and a lesser angle
    (closer to 180) will make a small ‘V’. Play around with your angle to get the
    inverted ‘V’ size you like best. GEOMETRY!
  3. Repeat this step on the other side to make the inverted ‘V’ design.
  4. Fill in above the ‘V’ with polish.
  5. Apply a second coat of color.
  6. Apply a coat of OPI RapiDry over all the nails.

A great color to try this look with? Zoya’s Sooki.

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