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Elizabeth Banks (A.K.A. Effie Trinket) is the Face of The Hunger Games

Photo: Beauty High

More news from the Hunger Games nail polish front: Elizabeth Banks (in full Effie Trinket mode) is now appearing as China Glaze’s spokesmodel for the much-anticipated line of polishes.

The tag-line for the Capitol Colours campaign is simply, “What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies?” We know what we want to wear: Effie’s gorgeous purple-pink makeup. If you look closely, her lips actually have a pretty fade from glittery purple in the center to fuchsia on the edges.

But what really caught our attention were the standout Paperself lashes attached to her peepers. (Hello, tiny butterflies!) Earlier this year, we were wondering who could possibly rock these over-the-top falsies. Clearly, we hadn’t anticipated that Effie Trinket would emerge as the dark horse winner of this race. But these Paperself additions go perfectly with the outrageous looks Capitol citizens love wearing; and what’s more, the lashes aren’t just fashion forward. The designs that she’s wearing actually have symbolic meaning taken from Chinese culture and represent freedom. Perhaps this is sly subtext move by China Glaze? That would certainly make for a great twist to the ad.

Are you loving Effie’s lash and lip look as much as we are? Tell us in the comments!


Want to try rocking the fuchsia look yourself? Check out our tutorial here.

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