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Beat Winter Skin Organically: Guest Blogger

In the fashion world, there’s outfit envy. In the beauty world, there’s makeup envy — and we are seriously envious when it comes to Annamarie Tendler. A genius makeup artist, Tendler covers a wide range of topics on her am. blog, but her The Daily Face posts, which chronicle her day-to-day makeup looks, are our favorite. (FYI: She did an amazing series in October called The Spooky Scary Daily Face, which was epic.) Each day she inspires with a gorgeous new look, and for one whole week, she’s sharing her makeup expertise with lucky, lucky us.

My skin gets really dry and itchy in the winter, but I’m not a fan of conventional moisturizers. For the most part, I think they’re filled with unhealthy ingredients, a lot of which end up drying out the skin more. Furthermore, no matter how many moisturizers claim not to leave a greasy residue, let’s be serious, so many of them do.

Last year, after lecturing me on the health risks of conventional moisturizers, my mom bought me some Jurlique Body Oil and I’ve been using it ever since. Jurlique is an organic skin and body care company. Their oils come in a variety of scents, however I opt for the Jojoba Carrier Oil because it’s 100% pure oil, free of fragrances and perfumes which can sometimes irritate my skin. I was skeptical of using body oil at first and assumed it would leave my skin feeling greasy. But pure, natural oil actually soaks into your skin, unlike conventional moisturizers which just sit on top of it and clog your pores with chemicals and preservatives.

The one downside to Jurlique Body Oils is their price; they’re definitely not cheap. However, my skin has never felt smoother, I never get dry or itchy winter skin, and I have the peace of mind that what’s soaking into my pores isn’t bad for my health. For me, all those reasons make it worth the money.

You can shop for Jurlique products on the Birchbox website and visit the brand’s  site to get their body oils. I also love their lavender hand cream, which is super moisturizing and actually not greasy.

Another must-try Jurlique product: their Rosewater Balancing Mist.

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