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My Top 3 Mascaras of All Time: Guest Blogger

In the fashion world, there’s outfit envy. In the beauty world, there’s makeup envy — and we are seriously envious when it comes to Annamarie Tendler. A genius makeup artist, Tendler covers a wide range of topics on her am. blog, but her The Daily Face posts, which chronicle her day-to-day makeup looks, are our favorite. (FYI: She did an amazing series in October called The Spooky Scary Daily Face, which was epic.) Each day she inspires with a gorgeous new look, and for one whole week, she’s sharing her makeup expertise with lucky, lucky us.

I’m a serious mascara enthusiast. I believe it is the only truly essential piece of makeup that exists. What’s so great about mascara is that it draws attention to everyone’s best feature: their eyes. In the 45 seconds it takes to apply, mascara can make your lashes look 10 times thicker, darker, and longer than if they were bare. When your lashes are more dramatic, your eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more defined. Who doesn’t want that?

I’ve tested nearly every mascara under the sun and here are my three favorites:

1. Lancome Hypnose Drama: This mascara lengthens, and gives major volume. It’s buildable, which means you can layer on several coats and it won’t get clumpy. If you want incredibly full lashes, you can’t go wrong with this product

2. L’Oreal Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara: It’s super dark, it’s super volumizing, and it’s half the price of the other two mascaras! Don’t knock drugstore makeup this stuff is hands down one of the best products on the market.

3. d.j.v. Beautenizer Fiberwig LX Mascara: Yeah, it’s kind of a mouthful to say, but this stuff is amazing if you want serious length. It has little fibers that grab on to your lashes and create a false lash effect. When I wear this mascara, people often ask me if I’m wearing fakes. I don’t think there is a better endorsement than that.

Ready to go one step beyond mascara? Try Faux’s falsies for super-glam eyes.

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