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Giuliana Rancic is Recovering After Her Double Mastectomy and Reconstructive Surgery

Photo: CNN

Giuliana Rancic, the spritely host of E! news, is recovering after a successful double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery earlier this week. Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, and has been publicly fighting the disease since.

We’ve all had a front-row seat to watch her journey and to understand just how tough a battle with breast cancer can be. In just a few short months, Rancic has been through a frightening diagnosis, two unsuccessful lumpectomies, and now her mastectomies and reconstructive surgery on Tuesday. Rancic’s husband, Bill Rancic, said that she’s “doing really well” after the procedures, even though she experienced some pain through the night following.

As a younger woman, it’s been both inspiring and frightening to watch Rancic’s story unfold. She’s had such courage when faced with a life-changing event that it’s made me feel particularly introspective about everyday health issues like watching out for breast cancer (I’m really terrible at remembering to do my monthly screenings). This is in no way to say other women’s experiences with the disease haven’t caught my attention or touched me before. But possibly because Rancic found out while she was trying to become pregnant via in-vitro fertilization (and she had been talking about wanting to become a mother for a fair amount of time), the situation really struck a chord with me.

Have you been paying as close attention to Giuliana Rancic’s breast cancer battle as we have? And how often do you remember to do your monthly check?


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