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How to Fix a Broken Nail: Guest Blogger

You may have noticed that here at Birchbox, we have a deep, abiding love for all things nails. Which is why nail artist extraordinaire Taryn Multack, a.k.a Miss Ladyfinger, is a great fit as this week’s guest blogger. Multack, who’s spent time working at fashion staples like Oscar de la Renta and W Magazine, uses trends and looks straight from the runway to create gorgeous, imaginative designs for her digits. The most impressive part? She does all of her art while keeping a day job in the fashion world. This week, she teaches us how to make our nails just as fabulous as hers.

In the grand scheme of beauty injuries, a bad hair day is like a tiny paper cut when compared to a nail break. Coincidentally, I broke a nail right before preparing this post. But thanks to my mom (who has gorgeous nails, btw), I have a perfect yet unconventional remedy: super glue. While this won’t save your nail forever, it will prolong its lifeline for a couple of weeks. For this emergency, you’ll need a buffer, super glue (I recommend Krazy Glue), and a good base coat. I swear by Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener. Here’s how to salvage a break:

1. Remove all polish as best you can.

2. Rinse under warm water to soften the nail.

3. Buff around the affected area in a circular motion, slightly filing down a layer. CAUTION: do not go overboard (buffing can be fun).

4. Lift the nail break very gently.

5. Apply a small amount of Krazy Glue under your nail at the break.

6. Before it dries, take the tip of the Krazy Glue applicator to the top of your nail at the break and press down gently.  Be sparing, a small drop will get the job done.

7. Apply pressure with the glue tip for for a few seconds to make sure that everything dries evenly. 

8. Once completely dry (this should take about five minutes), use the buffer to even out any lumps without removing the glue. Apply two coats of base coat to harden your nail.

We love Deborah Lippmann’s Hard Rock Base & Top Coat whenever our nails hit a snag.

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