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Barbie, What’d You Do To Your Hair?!

Barbie Hair 1

Barbie has gotten a seriously edgy hair makeover courtesy of London-based salon, Bleach. Everyday for two weeks, the style mavens at Bleach are coming up with a new, dazzlingly inventive hairdo in honor of Barbie’s new printable hair extension collection. Yes, with an inkjet printer and an internet connection you, too, can give Barbie a razzy techno-colored style. (Or, if you’re like us, you might just clip them to your own head instead.)

Nine days in and the salon has already created a full set of eye-popping designs — click through to see more crazy styles!




Our favorite? Barbie’s hair worn as a skirt (top right). We feel like Bleach might actually have been going for a My Little Pony/Barbie cross over.

Are you digging Barbie’s new stylings? Or are they too punk-rock-princess for your taste?


Ready to try a Barbie-esque style all your own? Snag some dry texturizing spray to start.

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