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Meryl Streep is Vogue’s Oldest Cover Lady Ever

Photo: Huffington Post

Maybe it’s the windswept hair, but Meryl Streep looks even more gorgeous than usual on the January cover of Vogue. At 62 years old, the actress is the oldest woman to ever grace the esteemed fashion magazine’s cover (back in 2004, 59-year-old Priscilla Presley posed next to her daughter and granddaughter).

Unlike many actresses her age, Streep has famously vowed never to go under the knife, and we applaud her admirable decision. But seeing her beautiful face on the cover of Vogue made us wonder why the magazine doesn’t typically feature older, highly accomplished women front and center. While conventional wisdom dictates that youth sells, the average Vogue reader is 34, and we think women would be glad to see reflections of themselves in print. 

Vogue queen bee Anna Wintour herself is 62, so you have to wonder how she feels about splashing her rag’s covers with twentysomething starlets month after month. Coincidentally enough, Streep played Wintour’s fictional equivalent in The Devil Wears Prada. We’re hoping her Vogue cover heralds the appearance of more awesome older ladies on magazines, but the sad reality is that it’s probably a lone exception to the rule. 

What do you think: should magazines feature more older women on their covers?


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