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Schick’s New Crazytown Razor Has 5 Blades

Schick 5 blade

We’re all guilty of going a couple more days than we should without shaving. (No judgment! You’re a busy lady.) So as far as I’m concerned, one of the greatest, super-easy ways to glam up on any given day is to grab a razor and primp in the shower. Sounds a little ridiculous, I know. But tell me you haven’t rubbed lotion onto finally, finally, smooth legs after a hot shower and felt like your sexy rating has just increased considerably.

Well, now Schick has upped the ante.

For years there have been three-blade and four-blade options, but what if you had five blades on your razor? Meet the new Hydro Silk from Schick, which hits shelves in January. All five blades have ‘skin guards’ attached to prevent over-irritation, plus there’s a serum infused moisture strip to really keep everything hydrated. It’s an über-razor!

I keep thinking of those commercials where the hair gets cut shorter, and shorter, and shorter with each successive blade. If you use five blades now, that’s one seriously close shave. 

But here’s the big question that we’re all left with: How many blades do you really need? I swear by three, but maybe I just need to be converted. Tell us your opinion in comments!


More often than not we forget to hydrate our legs post-shave. But for all the times we actually do remember, we love a lush moisturizer like AHAVA’s.

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