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Goody Creates Hair Ties That Double As Bracelets


If you’re like us, you never leave home without snapping a hair tie onto your wrist. So when we discovered these classy, hardware bedecked elastics by Goody from their new Double Wear collection, we got more than excited.

The bands come with metal that’s either edgy and textured or sleek and refined. But what really gives them pop is the colors — not only is there a silver option, but also a trendy rose gold. Basically, they’re the grown-up version of our favorite (plastic ornamented) hair twisties from ballet class, all those years ago.


For more glam-on-the-wrist ties that we love, check out these bands by Alex and Isabelle.

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    Where have these been all my life? Finally my elastic won’t look out of place on the deals I dress like a real person...
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