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Shakira, Katy Perry, And Other Celebs Sport the Winter Chop Trend

Clockwise left: Shakira (Photo: Twitter); Chloë Sevigny (Photo: Huffington Post); Emily Blunt (Photo:; Katy Perry (Photo: Glamour)

Yesterday, Shakira announced a sassy new bob (with eye-grazing bangs to boot) via Twitter. Just a few days ago, Katy Perry, Chloë Sevigny, and Emily Blunt all debuted shorter cuts, too. These ladies all took a big chance and cut off several inches, but there have also been a handful of starlets who have recently opted for the lesser commitment of brow-length bangs such as Taylor Swift, Rachel Weisz, and Mila Kunis. Is everyone getting an early jump on a new look for the New Year? Or has the holiday season become the go-to time for debuting a fresh style?

I just got a haircut myself, à la Shakira, but I thought I was a rogue going short in the winter! Clearly I am not the rebel that I thought I was.

Have you chopped your hair recently? Or are you inspired to try a new look after seeing the cuts on these femmes fatales? Tell us in the comments!


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