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Learning to Meditate in Five Steps

Meditation queen Elena Brower. 

Tuesday night, I stopped by a Well + Good NYC event at Red Flower's sleek Nolita boutique. To celebrate the release of their new delicious-smelling soy candles (available at Barney’s), Red Flower hosted an in-store meditation session — exactly what I needed after a nutty day!

That being said, I’m not great at sitting still. My brain is always buzzing with endless to do lists and honestly, sitting in lotus position means squished ankles. (Ow.) Enter my new spiritual guru, Elena Brower of Virayoga. Minutes into her guided meditation, I was relaxed, centered, and had blocked out New York’s never-ending honks and tire squeals. Mastering meditation can take years, but with Brower’s expert tips, you can find a little peace everyday, too. Click through a step-by-step, five-minute meditation plan.

1. Take a few minutes for yourself everyday. Make room for yourself, especially if you’re usually the last person on your priority list. “It really doesn’t have to be more than five minutes,” Brower says.

2. Make a mental list of all the things you’re grateful for. This helps especially when you’re angry at the world. “Think of meditation as a time to rest and take refuge in your heart. It’s where you can find the good in what’s happening and where you can build trust for yourself.”

3. Easily distracted? Keep a notepad nearby. When you can’t stop thinking about washing dishes or folding clothes, jot down the thought and get back to your zen. “When you sit you’re bound to come up with a to do list and great ideas. This way you can write it down instead of struggling to hold on to it.”

4. Listen to your heart. Sounds corny, but it actually works. Hearing what you really want gives you the freedom to, well, want it. “Think of your heart as the boss and your brain as the secretary.”

5. Dream! If you can envision yourself sitting in the kitchen of your dream house, or working at the job you really want, two great things happen: 1. You’ve found your happy place 2. Somehow, it’s that much more likely to become real. “Put yourself in your dream and you can work your way into that reality.”

What do you think: could you take five minutes out of your day and try these tips? Maybe more importantly, do you think they would help?


For an extra-calming session, light candles!

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