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The Top 3 Extreme Nail Art Trends of 2011

Photo: Just Be

We love experimenting with nail art, whether it’s moon manicures, dip dye nails, or magnetic polishes. But we’re starting to wonder if the trend is going a little too far. Jezebel has rounded up the craziest nail art fads sweeping the country, and even we were taken by surprise. Click through to learn about the top three extreme nail art trends!

  • Snakeskin mani-pedis: Women in New York are lining up to get real snakeskin mani-pedis, which are being offered at a few select salons like Manhattan’s Spa Martier. If you can spare $100-$300 and two hours of your time, a nail technician will painstakingly cut pieces of snakeskin to fit the shape of your nails and set them in place with a clear polish. Cutting edge or just plain bizarre? We’re not sure.
  • Feather manicures:  If you’d rather sport an avian pattern, you can get mini pheasant or guinea fowl feathers glued to your nails. The feathers even come in fluorescent colors like bright green and hot pink. 
  • Missoni nails: Zig-zag nail designs inspired by the Italian fashion powerhouse’s signature pattern has been another big trend lately. Depending on where you go and your manicurist, the design might cost as much as $75. We’ll stick with our DIY manis, thankyouverymuch


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