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Tools of the Trade: Guest Blogger

Along with makeup artists, hairstylists rank pretty high on our list of people we’d like to have around all the time. That’s just one reason we’re so excited to have hairstylist Kate Bryan guest blogging for us today. The other reason? We’re obsessed with her blog, The Small Things, which covers beauty, jewelry, and — you guessed it — the small things in life. Check back for her posts all week!

Have you every heard of the phrase, you are only as good as your tools? I think that’s partially true. The person holding the tools has to know what they are doing, and be able to use the tools properly.

So when it comes to styling hair, the right tools can make all the difference!

My favorite flat iron is The Classic 1 inch GHD. It’s made with ceramic plates, heats up quickly, and never pulls hair! It’s durable and strong, and it can smooth through nearly every texture of hair. I have naturally straight hair but this flat iron allows me to get close to my roots and lift my hair up for extra volume.

My favorite curling irons are made from Hot Tools. Want to know a secret? I am still using my curling iron that I received in cosmetology school nine years ago. Guess who made it? Hot Tools. Talk about quality. They make multiple sizes, so you can narrow down the right barrel size for your length and desired curl size. They also have a heat dial, which can change how tight your curl it. The hotter the iron, the tighter the curl.

My favorite blow dryer brand is Rusk. I use the Rusk Speed Freak blow dryer at my studio, and everyday at home. For travel, and as my backup blow dryer, I have the Rusk CTC Lite. It is also powerful like the Speed Freak, but much lighter in weight!

The other important tools are the correct brushes, combs, bobby pins, and ponytail holders. Ask your stylist for recommendations about brushes and combs, and also for professional bobby pins. They make a big difference in how your hair holds styles! Most clear ponytail holders work well, but my favorite are the Conair Polybands!

Kate also has an awesome Birchbox giveaway on her blog right now! Read about it HERE for more information and to enter.

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