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Pumpkin: Ingredient Decoder

Photo: June Jacobs

I’ve never met a pumpkin treat I didn’t like: there’s pie, bread, cookies, and the list goes on. My only regret is that I tend to gobble up a whole pile of sweets in five seconds flat. Well, now I can have my pumpkin and eat it too…sort of. Not only is pumpkin a superfood (desserts count, right?), it’s also great for your skin. High in anti-aging vitamin A, skin-brightening vitamin C, and healing zinc, pumpkin helps cuts down excess oil production and acts as a natural exfoliator. But before you run to the grocery store to scoop up the last of the fall crop that didn’t achieve jack o’lantern status, check out pumpkin-infused products instead.

My personal pick is June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Enzyme Polish. I turned to this purifying scrub when, last week, the dry heat of my ancient radiator suddenly made my combination skin freak out. While my t-zone remained as shiny as ever, the skin on my cheeks started to peel and flake. Luckily, the June Jacobs polish was the antidote my skin needed. It’s made with a pumpkin enzyme rich in natural acids that digest dead cells and refine skin. You can tell they don’t skimp on the active ingredient: the granular formula looks a bit like pumpkin puree, smells like freshly baked pie, and I would even venture to guess it tastes pretty good too. More importantly, it works. The gross, flaking skin on my cheeks is all gone, and my whole face looks smoother and more even-toned. 

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