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How to Wear Braid Nests Updos: Guest Blogger

We’re all too aware of how insane magazine deadlines can be, which is why we’re amazed how editors can muster up the energy to blog in their spare time. And yet, somehow they do. This week, Nykia Spradley and Ayren Jackson-Cannady, the expert duo behind Gloss Daily, the Ladies’ Home Journal beauty blog, are on board for five days of expert tips, product recommendations, and more. 

Forget what you’ve heard: braids are no longer reserved for 5-year olds and Pippi Longstocking. This year we’ve seen TONS of grown women (on runways, red carpets, and in real life) wearing the fun style. “There’s been a resurgence of braided updos because we’ve found some ways to modernize the look,” says Jenna Goldate of John Barrett Salon’s popular Braid Bar. But, suppose you can’t make it to the salon to score a trendy braided chignon of your own? Try this DIY at home.

STEP 1 Create a series of ponytails on your head. “I recommend three (more if you have super thick or super long hair): one at the crown of your head, one right in the middle and one at the nape,” says Goldate. Each pony should have about an inch of space between them.

STEP 2 Secure each ponytail with a clear elastic at the base, then braid the pony and secure the end with another clear elastic.

STEP 3 Place the braided ponytails against your head (in any formation you want) and pin with bobby pins. “Tuck the ends of the ponytails under the other braids to cover any elastics and pin,” adds Goldate.

Keep all your ‘dos in place with a non-sticky hairspray like Blow NY’s Blow Out.

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