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Did Michelle Trachtenberg Really Color Her Own Hair?

We know celebrities have access to the best stylists, makeup artists, and personal trainers in the business, which is why they always look so much more glamourous than the rest of us. It’s not surprising given that looking good is a huge part of most of their jobs. It is surprising when we hear about celebrities choosing the inexpensive option or doing their hair themselves. I know if I had a choice between doing my hair myself and having it look eh, and having a professional do it, I’d choose the professional every time. 

According to US Weekly and a press release from John Frieda, that’s exactly what Michelle Trachtenberg did though when she colored her hair for a shoot with the weekly publication. She used John Frieda’s Precision Foam Colour to go from her previously light brown shade to a deep brown/black. About the decision, Michelle says “I love my colorist, but between traveling and shooting I don’t always have time to make it to the salon.” I’ve had enough bad experiences with DIY hair dye to avoid them like the plague but you can’t deny that the after shot looks great. And I think we can all relate to being too busy to get to the salon. What do you think? 

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