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Stem Cell Products: Skincare of the Future?

If time travel were a real phenomenon, I would rewind the clock a few years and apply sunscreen every morning as if my life depended upon it. Sadly, such a feat is impossible and my brown spots aren’t going anywhere, but last night I got a sneak peek into the future of skincare. Cellure, a new line of stem cell products that counter the effects of sun damage and aging, just opened their first Soho flagship boutique. The store is unlike any other I’ve ever visited: there are private booths where you don a hair net before trying their entire line of cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers. A giant mirrored computer screen guides you through each step of the process. The whole experience makes you feel like a Jetson crossed with a very pampered cafeteria lady.

Stem cell therapy may sound wacky at first, but it’s actually on the cutting edge of anti-aging science. Considered the “master cells” of the human body, stem cells dispatch proteins that repair skin damage from the inside out. Cellure harvests stem cells from adult human fat tissue in their lab, then isolates an FDA-approved protein complex to use in all their products. After trying the Cellure line, I noticed that my skin really did look glowy. Only time will tell if stem cell products are right for me, but I’ll definitely be back to the Cellure store to wash my face again. It’s way nicer than my own bathroom sink. 


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