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How To Make Your Products Really Work

Unless you were born with flawless skin, you’ve probably asked yourself the question on every skincare-savvy girl’s mind: which products should I use, and in what order? Lucky for you, it doesn’t take an advanced chemistry degree to understand the science behind the formulas. These days, all it takes is a little surfing around the web.  

We recently came across this article by Nicki Zevola, the force behind one of our favorite beauty blogs, Zevola outlines some surprising skincare facts that are making us rethink our regimen in a big way. Click through for our recap (plus our own two cents, of course!).

  • Never mix certain ingredients. Using a retinol cream together with an alpha hydroxy acid product is a big no-no. Not only can it lead to skin irritation, but this evil combo actually neutralizes both the ingredients since they have conflicting pH levels. Always check the ingredient lists, and do your research before pairing products together!   
  • Layer lighter products under heavier ones. Heavier products can contain “occlusive agents” (aka skin-blocking ingredients) like mineral oil and petrolatum that prevent other actives from sinking in. That’s why it’s always a good idea to apply your light serum first, followed by your creamy moisturizer. We like to line up our products on our vanities so we never forget the pecking order.  
  • No sunscreen offers 100 percent protection, so apply and reapply. Sad but true: even broad-spectrum SPF 50 doesn’t completely shield your face from the sun since some UV rays will always get through. Worse yet, people who use sunscreen don’t tend to apply enough, especially when it comes to their faces. Be liberal with the sunscreen during the day, and you’ll help your fancy night creams do their job and really prevent photo aging. A good rule of thumb is reapplying every two to three hours.  
  • Patience is key. It normally takes a month or two to see results from a dedicated skincare regimen, so don’t expect to wake up to a whole new complexion after using a new product just once (despite what the ads might claim).


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